One Month Later -- Here's What We've Learned Since Launching the Silenced Report

Uncategorized Mar 29, 2021

Our small but mighty team of survivors and allies has been blown away by the support we have received since the launch of the Silenced: Canada's Sexual Assault Evidence Kit Accessibility Crisis report. We've been able to connect with hundreds of survivors from across Canada, begin to develop our donor base and get the Silenced Report featured in Canadian media (shoutout to Sarah and the team at for your support in this).  While we haven't received the feedback and support from the government we were hoping for, we understand this will be an uphill battle -- and we're ready to continue advocating for equal access to justice for survivors of sexual violence across Canada. Change takes time, and we're dedicated to amplifying the need for SAEK's to be available at every Canadian hospital and health centre. 

This past week we had a big win to celebrate as Senator Renée Dupuis referenced the Silenced: Canada's Sexual Assault Evidence Kit Accessibility Crisis report during the Senate Legal and Constitutional Committee meeting on Bill C-3, on March 17, 2021. To view Senator Renée Dupuis's contribution visit and tune in at 11:12. 

While we have heard back from several government officials offices (excluding the office of the Minister of Women & Gender Equity and Minister of Justice office), Senator Renée Dupuis was the first Canadian politician to speak on the Silenced Report in an act of support for She Matters efforts, calling for action to strengthen the reporting system. 

This is the type of allyship we NEED -- tangible actions to encourage branches of government and judicial officials to take action, but also to understand the obstacles survivors in Canada face when trying to access justice. 

If you're interested in joining She Matters CALL TO ACTION please click here



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